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14 July 2017
New Digital Billboard On Russian Blvd
The new first portrait digital billboard in Phnom Penh location on Russian Blvd, near the Psar Dey Huy sky bridge.
26 May 2017
Welcome World Economic Forum on Asean in Phnom Penh
In 2017, the 10 countries of ASEAN celebrate 50 years of deepening unity and rising wealth. Among its strengths, the ASEAN region has 630 million people, of whom more than half are under the age of 30. Welcome World Economic Forum on Asean, on 10-12 May,
3 May 2017
The new billboard(Kbal Thnal side) are available now!
The new infrastructure just finished in the Chbar Ompov area(National road 1), which make the traffic and trading in these area is good with the twin bridges(Preah Monivong Bridge) cross the river. This billboard located near the Preah Monivong bridge(Kba
4 May 2017
New LED location on Russian Blvd (LRB-07)
Check out the newest digital billboard at the first arrival gate from Phnom Penh International airport to Phnom penh city. it located on the Russian blvd which is the new develop infrastructure, and it is the main road to city which is inevitable & fast g

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