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27 April 2015


Phnom Penh Media Co., Ltd. (PPML) has been shaping the urban landscape of Cambodia since 1994. Powered by the most modern billboard technology, PPML has been aiming to push the boundaries in out-of-home advertising by continuously enhancing its products and acquiring sites. With 20 years of experience in outdoor advertising, PPML has earned the trust of a very discerning clientele.


  • At PPML, we believe in delivering premium outdoor advertising in big visual format that create big impact in building a distinctive and powerful brand identities.
  • We also believe in applying experienced global vision with in-depth knowledge of international markets to serve you and your business. 
  • We believe in keeping clients close and providing the highest quality of reliable service.
  • We are happy when our clients make returns on these outdoor investments.


PPML was established in July 1994 by Mr. Douk C.K. Dien, who is our beloved Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. PPML is proud to be an innovative pioneer in the media industry of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The company's media services set out to:
  • Change the way Cambodians look at advertising.
  • Present clear and concise messages with maximum impact through outdoor advertising.
Over the years, PPML has been developing advertising formats, acquiring sites, and refining and enhancing our products and services. PPML remains a giant in the Cambodian outdoor media industry, always ahead of its competitors because of the latest technologies, keeping a close eye on excellence in quality and reliability.

 Come and have a look; you'll surely be pleased.

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