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Artwork Submission Check List

When Producting Artwork for Cactus Imaging

  • Work in Mac Format (If you have to supply files from an IBM please save files in either EPS or TIFF format and convert all fonts to outlines
  • Work in CMYK. Please realize that we can only match to the process equivalent of Pantone colours.
  • Convert all fonts to outline (We can not accept true-type fonts).
  • Supply all relevant files - including all linked or placed files.
  • Set up layout files in correct proportion. We recommend using Quark Xpress for all layouts.
  • Indicate clearly if there is an extension
  • Allow 75mm of bleed around the entire board.
  • Scan from the best artwork available or provide us with this artwork and we will scan it for you. (Scans from printed material such as newspapers, business cards, magazines etc, are not recommended)
  • Supply logos as Illustrator or Freehand files instead of bromides where possible.
  • Convert all blacks to a four colour combination of 60% Cyan, 40% Magenta, 5% Yellow, 100% Black.
  • Please supply a printout of the files you have sent to us (colour if possible). Please note due to the inconsistent nature of colour ink jet or laser prints we do not consider them to be an accurate colour guide. If you require Cactus to match the proof we send you to a particular colour (poster, colour print, Iris or Cromalin proofs, transparency etc…) then please send this to us when you send us the artwork and mark this item as a colour reference.


All images that cover under 20m2 should be scanned at 350dpi in CMYK at1/10th of the final size. (e.g. - an image for a 6 x 3 metre billboard should be scanned at 610mm x 310mm at 350dpi and will result in a file of approximately 138 mbs). For any images which cover over 20m2 then the file size should be scanned at 350dpi in CYMK at 1/20th of final size (e.g. - an image covering the entire background of a 12.66m x 3.35m board needs to be scanned at 638mm x 172.5mm at 350DPI -resulting in a file of approximately 80 mbs). No CMYK scan should be smaller than 30 Megabytes. Grayscale scans should not be any smaller than 10 Megabytes.


6 x 3m board - set up Quark Doc. At 595mm x 295mm and bleed document out 7.5mm on each edge. (Ratio: 1mm = 1cm) 9 x 3m board - set up Quark Doc to 900mm x 300mm and bleed document out 5mm on each edge. (Ratio: 1mm = 1cm) 12 x 3m board - set up Quark Doc to 1200mm x 300mm and bleed document out 5mm on each edge. (Ratio: 1mm = 1cm) 12.66 x 3.35m board - set up Quark Doc to 633 x 167.5 and bleed document out 5mm on each edge. (Ratio: 1mm = 2cm) Stuck - E-mail us telling us what size billboard your setting up and we can e-mail you a Quark template at the correct size.


We accept 3 ½ "floppies, CD's, 100 and 250 Megabyte Zips, Jaz 1 & 2 cartridges and 3 ½" Magnetic Optical Disk. Small files (fonts etc…) can be e-mailed to prepress@cactusimaging.com.au


We accept files in Macintosh Quark Xpress 4.1, Adobe Illustrator 9.0, Adobe Photoshop 6.0 & Macromedia Freehand 9.0. If you have any questions at all relating to the above guidelines please call your Client Services Representative.

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