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kep and kampot

Kampot and Kep is a province on the south coast of Cambodia and is 148km from Phnom Penh. there are many tourist place such as: Bokor Resort, locates at 42-Kilometer distance from the provincial town of Kampot. Kampong Trach Resort, location 38-kilometer distandce, east of Kampot town by national road No 16. Kep Thmey is 8km From Provincial town. Phnom Chhnok is 9km from Provincial town. Phnom Daung is 7km from Provincial town. Phnom Seda Orn is 6km from Provincial town. Preak Anpil Resort, is beach rich in white sand,.. Teuk Chhu Resort, Is the natural resort 8km distance, North of the porvincial town.

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